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Bwlch Nant yr Arian, Aberystwyth (Ceredigion)

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Whilst staying with my sister-in law this weekend, she took us for a walk around this lovely place and it's a must visit if you're staying close to Aberystwyth!

It's clear to see when you arrive here that it's a bit of a biker's haven - there were bikes everywhere and people all ages sitting outside the cafe after having been on one of the various cycle paths that start from the car park. (There's also a bike ramp park by the cafe where there were people practicing their stunts!)

Naturally, we weren't there for the biking and luckily there was a lovely, flat path where bikes weren't allowed to go around a beautiful lake. It had a real Austria vibe to this place, especially as the cafe at the top was a bit like a log cabin too!

The walk around the lake is completely flat and totally pram friendly and takes about 30 mins to walk around (although took us longer as the kids were throwing stones and looking for clues etc).

Along the path there's plenty to keep little ones interested and walking! They have hidden animals all along the route and information posts where they can learn about the birds in the area as they walk around.

The cafe at the end is lovely and the food looked good (I also spotted, as I tend to do now I'm dairy free!!) a great vegan selection and plenty of gluten free options here!

There were lovely and clean toilets (and a shower) in the cafe as well as a small shop selling some nice nature themed gifts and resources. Even Nessa and Llew had a treat at the end and had some doggy ice cream!

There's also two small parks by the cafe and car park that the boys enjoyed playing in too. There's plenty of picnic benches outside the cafe, but if you're taking your own food and are looking for lunch with a view, head to the picnic benches the other side of the car park as the view from there is amazing!

You can park there all day for £5 but 3 hours was plenty for what we did with children in tow. Apparently there's lots of other walks you can do from this start point and one of the routes leads you to the top of a mountain where there's a giant armchair waiting for you at the top!

A really lovely place to visit - we will definitely return and maybe will take the carrier next time and try one of the longer and more challenging routes! Will report back if and when we do!

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