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Cardigan Island Farm Park, Cardigan (Pembrokeshire)

There's lots of reasons we like to go to Cardigan Island Farm park - reasonable entry price, awesome location, great park and good food are just some of them!

Cooper's hat and leggings are from Dyl and Fyn - COOPER10 for discount

Why visit Cardigan Island?


There's not an abundance of animals at Cardigan Island, don't be expecting Folly Farm, but the bonus here is that you can feed almost all of them (bags of food are 70p on the way in!) They have some rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks and my favourite, the alpacas! If you're lucky too you might be able to spot the seals from the furthest end of the farm.


The location of the farm is one of it's biggest selling points for sure. You can see the whole of the bay from almost anywhere in the park. Word of warning though, even on a nice day it can be really windy there so make sure to pop a hat in your bag!!


Cooper loves the playground at Cardigan Island and it's great for a range of ages. It also has a lovely sand pit with buckets, spades and tractors to play with. This is where we spend the most time when we visit for sure.

Cooper's Wolf Bonnet is from Hooked by a Fin


There's a really lovely cafe indoor with a small play area of large lego bricks, a pool table and foosball (is that how you spell it?) table. They have great cake, hot chocolate and food there at reasonable prices. I have always had to queue for quite a while though when I've gone, even if you just want a drink, which is a bit of shame and a bit of a stress with a thirsty and hungry toddler in tow!

THE PRICE Entry fee for Cardigan Island Farm Park is so reasonable at £4.90 per adult and £3.90 for children (under 2s are free). For what you pay and what you get I think it's definitely worth the visit.


So, if you're looking for somewhere fun to spend half a day (I don't think you'd make a full day here, unless is a glorious weather day and you have a picnic perhaps) then definitely give Cardigan Island Farm Park a visit. There's plenty of free parking, it's pram friendly (although a little hilly if you're heading the whole way down to the seal spotting area) and you can take dogs with you too. There's a lovely gift shop there too with some really nice farm themed toys and resources (not your usual tat that you get in some gift shops!)

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