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Carmarthen Reservoir (Carmarthenshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I'm ALWAYS looking for somewhere nice to go for a walk in Carmarthen - and now I've found it! If you put Reservoir Road or Tanaerdy Garage into your sat nav, you'll comes to this hidden fairy trail around a lovely reservoir.


Why visit Carmarthen Resevoir?

  • This is somewhat of a hidden gem in my opinion. It's not a really long walk but it's a great place to go for a walk with a mini human.

  • The walk is around a really pretty reservoir with some lovely picnic spots, viewing platforms and trees to explore.

  • The path around the reservoir isn't paved concrete but solid enough to take a bike, pram or a wheelchair with good wheels.

  • There are ducks on the water for those who like to take their own food to feed them - although I get a bit anxious now taking bread as apparently it's not good for them and I'm afraid someone's going to give me a row!!

  • We took a picnic with us and sat at the picnic benches close to the car park - this was ideal as we didn't have to carry the food all around the walk with us. There are a few picnic benches dotted around mind if you wanted to eat somewhere a little more private.

  • There is a small car park by the reservoir. The road you need to go up is a narrow one and has a dead end sign on the turning before the garage.

  • There are no toilets here - just something to consider. Dogs are allowed and there are plenty of bins along the route too.


Fairy Trail

An added bonus to this walk are the fairy doors planted around (which are bilingual!!) Cooper was on his bike this day but I know the doors would have motivated him to keep walking around had he not had his wheels!


This is a lovely walk just outside of Carmarthen town and ideal for those, like us, who are always looking for somewhere nice to meet half way between East and West! Some people had picked up some chips from town and taken them there to eat on the picnic benches.

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