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Cenarth Falls, Newcastle Emlyn (Carmarthenshire)

If you're looking for a quaint village with a great river walk, then look no further than Cenarth - it's one of our go to places to kill an hour on a Sunday afternoon!


The main reason we head to Cenarth is for the river as Coops is obsessed with any form of water, especially if you can throw stones in it, and there's plenty of relatively 'safe' spots to sit up an skim some stones on the river.

If you're lucky, you can park for free opposite the White Hart pub in the middle of the village, but there are only about 8 car spaces here. There is another car park however over the little bridge and you can park there all day for £2.50 (although out of season you can park there for free.) There's also a tunnel running under the bridge that Coops likes to play in - and it's a good photo opportunity, and if you haven't noticed, I really do like a good photo opportunity!!!

Fairly recently they've laid a new boardwalk along the river that now allows you to walk just over half a mile along the river (our strava said 0.8 miles one way but we're not sure that's accurate. It took us 10 minutes to walk relatively briskly one way and 20 minutes at Cooper's pace the other way!)

The MAJORITY of this boardwalk would be suitable for a sturdy pram but there are some gaps along the way where there's no boardwalk so it's a little more bumpy! There's one section that looks like it's broken completely as the boardwalks are piled on top of each other on the side so you'd have to life the pram over this large tree root! So, because of these gaps I wouldn't say it would be possible to take a wheelchair much further than about a 2 minute walk down the river.

Another thing to consider with mini humans is that there's parts of the boardwalk that doesn't have a fence on the river side, so if you have a notorious runaway you might want to pack a carrier or some reins for your own sanity! It's for this reason as well I would never let Coops take his bike along this route - plus parts of it are quite narrow and as it can get quite busy, I don't really think a bike would be appropriate.

If you DON'T fancy a walk then head right out of the car park instead and you can get down to the river side and throw some stones in there. There's a lovely large rock that we tend to stand on to throw stones but if it hasn't been raining much you can get closer to the water by walking a little further on.

There's plenty of picnic benches dotted around Cenarth or you could eat in one of the cafes or pubs in the village. We've eaten in Ty Te Cenarth, the cafe on the hill and I still think about that homemade lasagne, new potatoes and coleslaw I had there one day!! We've only ever had a drink the White Hart but friends of ours have eaten in the Three Horeshoes (it's like a steak and burger restaurant) and have said it's lovely! We often get an ice cream in the little shop by the car park and there's a nice gift shop just over the bridge too.

So, if you're looking for a low cost activity with lovely views, I'm sure you'd enjoy Cenarth. Have a scroll below to see some photos of said views :-)

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