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Colby Woods, Amroth (Pembrokeshire)

Having had a caravan in Saundersfoot for the best part of 30 years, I simply cannot BELIEVE that I haven't been to Colby Woods before today!


You'll find Colby Woods easily enough through putting it into your sat nav, it takes you straight to the National Trust car park. So, if you have a National Trust Membership pass you can park there for free, otherwise it's £3 for 3 hours or £5 for the day. You could also park down in Amroth and walk through that way, but you have to pay to park in Amroth by now too so you're better off heading straight to the Colby Woods carpark.

What Can I Do There?

At Colby Woods there are lots of different areas or gardens to explore with small paths leading off in every direction (although there's a main suggested path that would be suitable for a decent pram and wheelchair. The floor is like a woodland floor but you would definitely get a pram like an Egg or iCandy over it, but I wouldn't have attempted it with a cheaper buggy for example!) I didn't see anything to say that you couldn't take a bike but I also didn't see any little people on bikes (would be great for children who are riding confidently but not for stabilisers!)


There's a vast area of flat green grass that's a perfect location for a picnic on a sunny day. This area is well kept and there are benches and trees dotted about if you didn't want to sit on the floor.


There's also a stream running through Colby Woods so there's plenty of places to stop to throw stones, pond dip or paddle your feet.


Hidden around the woods and along various paths are wooden animals and statues - I always appreciate this kind of thing as it keeps Cooper walking and avoids the nagging of being carried as he's excited at the possibility of what could appear next. There aren't many of them but enough to motivate little legs to keep exploring!


Cooper loved the walled garden! This is quite close to the entrance so if you didn't want to do a long walk and was just looking for somewhere to go for an hour, this would be ideal. This is the only part of the gardens that dogs aren't allowed into by the way! As well as the flowers, there's little houses, statues and seats in the garden and Coops enjoyed the little stream that was running from the summer house at the top of the gardens.


Brucey Bonus to Colby Woods is that there's a Tea Rooms and Toilets by the walled gardens with plenty of seating outside. We didn't know it was there before we arrived so I had already prepared a picnic but the food and drink looked great. There's also a second hand book shop by the Tea Rooms with all the proceeds going towards the upkeep of the gardens - you can arrange to drop books off there to donate if you're looking for somewhere to take your old books by the way!

Slide through the pictures above to see a small part of what Colby Woods has to offer

Walk into Amroth

If you're up for a bit of a longer walk, then 1.5 miles from the entrance is Amroth sea front. We took the longer route by mistake on the way there but it was much quicker on the way back. They provide you with a map when you arrive but Cooper was following his nose so we ended up taking the long way around. If you want to walk to Amroth, walk past the vast green grass area (that should be on your right) and keep walking straight. If you want to do the longer walk, cross the grassy area and take the path on the other side of this grass and follow the path the whole way around and take a left when you've passed the white house at the bottom. You then walk over a small bridge and take a right from there. Keep walking and you'll end up by the car park in Amroth which is right on the beach front!

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