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Cwmtudu, Cardigan (Ceredigion)

Ever drive by the sign for Cwmtudu on the way to Llangrannog or Aberaeron and think - I wonder what’s down there? Well, here’s the blog to tell you the answer to that!



The very short and simple answer to this is - not much! However, there definitely ARE reasons to visit!!

  • You can park on the beach. The reason I think this is great is because if it‘s a wet and windy day you can just pull up with a flask of hot chocolate and watch the waves as you’re parked practically on the beach. It’s also great for those who can’t walk for or are in wheelchairs to be able to get on the coast without moving far from the car.

  • No sand. Only pebbles! This might be a negative point for some, but sometimes you can’t be bothered with the whole sand thing can you and you just want to throw stones! This is a great beach for that!!

  • River and Sea! Might be a ridiculous point to make - but you can‘t alway access the river leading to the see can you? Lol! Great for welly splashing and stone throwing! You’d need some wellies to cross the river to get the other side to climb the rocks!!

  • Dog Beach! Because this isn’t your typical park up and sunbathe beach, it seems your little furry friends are welcome on it all year round!

  • There are toilets!! For such a small beach with not much else there, I was quite surprised to see public toilets there!

  • Cheap parking! I mean, this time of year (January) the parking is free but there was a sign up by the main car park stating £1 all day for parking!

  • Cafe! So. There definitely is a cafe there (I remember my Bampa buying me an ice cream there years ago). It was closed when we went but I had the impression that it was going to open again in the summer!

  • Coastal Walk. Maybe not one you’d want to do with a little human. I didn’t venture on it on my own with Coops as it looked quite steep and narrow - but there was a clear coastal path there and I bet the views are awesome.

So - if you’re looking for a pretty little beach where you can jump straight out of the car and onto the beach - then take the VERY WINDY ROADS (warning for those not confident on country roads) down to Cwmtudu!

Cooper’s beaut bonnet is from Hooked by a Fin - by the way ;-)

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