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Dare Valley (Aberdare), Merthyr Tydfil

New one for us today and another one I cannot believe I haven't been to before! Well worth a visit if you're looking for a nice walk, feed the ducks or a great playground!



The main attraction for us to return to Dare Valley would be the playgrounds. Cooper LOVES a good park and there are two lovely ones there (both of which look quite new I'd say!) The first photo here is the smaller one, which was really quiet the whole time we were there as everyone was up in the bigger and better park, but Coops enjoyed this one just as much! What's good about this one is that it's in the 'garden' of the cafe so safe for them to play whilst you're having a cup of tea or something to eat.

Just to the left of this smaller park then is the big one, and it is pretty big as far as playgrounds go. Plenty to climb, loads of swing, a zipwire and some trampolines! We could have spent a lot longer there had my mother and me not started to freeze to death - Coops was fine running around!!


We walked down towards the lake, which was about 15 mins from the car park and playgrounds. You could have walked all the way around the lake it seems and there were lots of more rambler-type lanes sprouting off here there and everywhere. PLENTY of picnic benches and view spot benches along the way and the walk is flat and paved! Always a bonus for me but great if your child has a bike, scooter, pushchair or wheelchair.


There was a nice cafe right at the car park which served your usual hot drinks and snacks, but we went there on a Sunday and they were serving full on Sunday roast too! We didn't eat there so I can't comment on the food but it looked like a busy little cafe. There was a sign for another cafe too that we passed on the way out but didn't actually visit that one. There was also an ice cream hut in the courtyard (but that was closed at the moment for obvious reasons!)


As well as the walks being paved well enough to take a bike, there was also a great bike park with ramps adjacent to the playground. It seemed really popular and quite busy, but definitely a great attraction if you have a confident bike rider with you!

Other bonuses?

- Parking is free and plenty of it

- Playgrounds are close to the car park so great if you're concerned rain is on the way. I also think when I go there it's somewhere I could take my Nan to watch Coops play in the park on a nice day as you're so close to the car.

- Toilets are available in the cafe

- Plenty of places to picnic

Cute Pic of Coops - Just Because (in his epic bear bonnet from Hooked by a Fin)

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