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Dinefwr Castle, Llandeilo (Carmarthenshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Dinefwr Castle is castle is part of Dinefwr Park. There's acres of paths here, a country house that you can pay to go inside (we didn't do this as it was still closed following COVID) and a deer park.

Cooper's dungs are from Hainmade UK and bonnet from Hooked By a Fin


We were staying in a wooden lodge in Llandeilo when we decided that we would take a castle loving Cooper to Dinefwr. We paid £5 to park in Dinefwr Park (but this could be avoided if you were up for quite a long walk from outside the gates.)

Why Visit Dinefwr Castle?

  • The views from the top are amazing and you can see miles of countryside from the castle grounds.

  • You can climb the two sides of the castle, although I would NOT recommend climbing the black iron gates and instead stick to the large concrete steps. I was a bag of nerves and sweat coming down some serious narrow and twisty steps with a toddler and a small dog!

  • The walk from the car park is interesting enough to keep a toddler walking for a long time. Plenty of sheep, forests and picture signs along the way.

  • Even though one part of the walk is up quite a steep hill, the path is flat enough to push a pram or for an electric wheelchair (it would need a strong pair of arms to push a wheelchair on the route from the car park although it is sign posted with the disabled sign!!)

  • There are lots of picnic spots along the way up to the castle and a large patch of green grass in the middle of the castle.

It took us almost three hours to get to the castle, explore and walk back down


Things to Consider

There are toilets in the car park and some just before the climb up to the castle (although these were shut when we went.) The climb up the hill is quite a trek, so a good pair of shoes and a strong pair of legs needed!! You can park for free if you have a National Trust Membership.

Below are some pics that I took of the park and the forests that are included in the price of the car park. We couldn't go into the deer park as we had Nessa (our dog) with us.

I would definitely recommend Dinefwr Castle for a trip if ever you're in the Carmarthen area, especially if you enjoy a lot of walking. Make sure you head into Llandeilo whilst you're in the area and take a look in Eve's Toy Shop and get a Mars Brownie from Heavenly!!

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