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Ffynhone Falls, Boncath (North Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A really lovely woodland walk on the road towards Cenarth and New Castle Emlyn. Take the first right after passing Ffynone Arms on your left in New Chapel and head all the way down the steep and narrow road until you reach the car park.


Why visit Ffynone Falls?

  • This is a great place to visit with a mini explorer! Lots of fallen trees, little nooks and crannies to explore and a great waterfall at the end of the walk.

  • It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the waterfall (with little legs accompanying you) but you can cross the waterfall and walk further.

  • The path, although relatively flat, is not pram friendly in my opinion and a pram or wheelchair certainly wouldn't reach the waterfall area. We always took Coops in the carrier when he was younger.

  • In the summer, you'll find people jumping off the rocks into the waterfall pool as there is a small part of the water that's deep enough. However, the main attraction for us is the shallow part where Cooper will throw stones for hours on end!

  • There's a small campfire area half way along the walk and a bench along the waterfront but there aren't any actual picnic benches there to eat food comfortably.

  • If you follow the water, as if you're going back on yourself a little, you'll find another smaller river with a swing there. This is a recent find for us and never knew it existed!

  • Make sure you take your welly boots with you if it's been raining as the path does get very wet!

  • There are no toilets in the car park or along the route but the car park is free! Dogs are allowed along this walk.

  • We've been coming here since Coops was tiny and I'm sure that we'll be continuing to visit for many years to come!!

Cooper's gorgeous bonnet is from Hooked by a Fin and his jumper from Eighteenth Street Clothing - Use COOPER10 for discount


Scroll through the pictures below to see some of our faves taken here over the years

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