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Gower Heritage Centre, Gower (Swansea)

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

We were in the area and a few people suggested this was worth a visit - so we did and I’m glad that we did too. Would I travel all the way to Gower to go again? Probably not, but if I was in the area again I’d definitely pop back in!

What do I need to know?

When you arrive there’s a little bakery and cafe close to the car park. If you’re not going into the heritage centre then you need to pay £4 to park, but if you’re paying the entry fee then parking is free. I could see a few cars changing into wetsuits etc so I’m guessing there was somewhere to do some water sports close by and this is why they were parking here, but we didn’t see what exactly!

We went into the heritage centre itself. It was £6 for adults and £3 for children (dogs are allowed in too.) I would definitely take a picnic if going over lunch as I found the food to be really expensive! Kid’s lunch was £7.95 down in the cafe and only hot dog and chips as an option. Bacon Roll & Chips £9.95 for adults which I think is quite steep for a cafe! Plenty of toilets all around the heritage centre and terrain flat enough to take a pushchair although fair few steps in and out of different areas and narrow corridors - so I’d take a sling/carrier rather than pushchair if that was an option.

What can you do there?

Well, it’s a funny, quite random place to be honest, but really quirky. Coops just enjoyed running about and looking at everything. It’s kind of like a little museum I guess, with a water mill and rooms set up to look like they used to years ago. It has a St Fagans/Castell Henllys vibe if you’ve been to any of those!

There’s a stream running along the walk way of the centre with ducks to feed in there. They also did a joking duck race which Cooper absolutely loved bless him! They had a pirate day on today, and I think that it’s running for the whole of August and you can book in to be taken around by pirates and take part in planned activities (we didn’t know about this until we got there but looks like a great idea for a more structured morning/afternoon).

They have a playground in the middle and little animals to see too. Down by the cafe they have a small tractor area and some old style fairground games to play. They were offering face painting there today too (which I think was part of the pirate day but looked like we could have paid for that too had Coops wanted it and not still been sporting chicken pox scabs!!)

And that’s all that’s there really, but we had a lovely two hours there (probably could have spent a little longer had we taken a picnic) - but killing an hour or two was what we were looking to do and for that reason it was perfect.

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