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Gypsy Wood Park (Caernarfon)

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Whilst on our holiday to North Wales, we visited (on recommendation) Gypsy Wood Park and we were so glad that we went.

This little attraction, I would say, is perfect for 0-6 year olds; Coops really enjoyed it and he's 6.5 but he is also a young 6.5 in my opinion and is still excited by parks, bikes and fairy tales!!

We booked tickets online and it cost £9.50 for an adult and £8.50 for children and toddlers were £5.00. I realised after that I didn't need to have paid for Ralffi as you only pay if they're walking, but I didn't mind as I felt it was well worth the money we paid to get in. It's worth noting that this isn't open all year round so check before heading out!

The appeal for younger children here is that there's a lot crammed into a relatively small area so there isn't miles of walking to get from one attraction to another. There's something to do or see EVERYWHERE in the park. Other than the diggers and train ride (more about that in a bit) pretty much everything else is free. So you COULD pack your picnic and have a totally free day after arriving if you wanted to.

We did pay for the digger experience (£2.50) and the train ride was £1.50 each. The train ride is short but worth the small fee I thought. There's some crocodiles to try and spot on the way and the kids just enjoyed the experience of being on a train anyway!

There really is a LOT to do here: parks, trampolines, animals to feed, dens to build, mazes to explore and lots more - just basic, simple and fun activities. The maze says you can't take a pram - you definitely could get a pram around there in my opinion.

We were lucky with the weather and it was a fab, sunny day - in truth, I'm not sure it's somewhere I would consider going in the rain as there is very little to do indoors.

There's a cafe on the premises and food and drink was reasonable for an attraction like this. Dogs are not allowed at Gypsy Wood Park.

So, if you're looking for a lovely day out at a very reasonable price, then I'm sure you'll enjoy Gypsy Farm Park.

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