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Llawhaden Castle, Narberth (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

A lovely castle ruins with fantastic views - Brucey Bonus - Free Entry and Parking!


This one is short and sweet as there's not much to say about Castell Llawhaden despite it making the blog!

  • Follow the signs for Castell Llawhaden off the main road heading to Haverfordwest and you'll come to the middle of a very small village called Llawhaden. When you get there you'll see a small patch of grass with some picnic benches and a few spaces to park. This is the closest place that you can park to get to the castle.

  • It is less than a two minute walk to the castle from here down the lane adjacent to where you will have left the car.

  • The castle ruins are quite big considering you can go in for free; I've paid to enter smaller castles for sure!

  • There's a lovely large area of grass in the middle of the castle and the grounds are really well kept and not overgrown at all.

  • If you're looking for a great place for a cracking game of hide and seek, castell Llawhaden is perfect and relatively safe too as there aren't many steep steps as it's not a very tall castle!

Cooper's Tee is from Bobol Bach #shopsmall #shoplocal #supportwelshbusiness

  • The biggest selling point for the castle is the views! It's such a lovely place to visit and there's some benches to sit at the view point too. I imagined myself there with a flask and a book to read on my own, although I'm 99% sure I'll never actually do that!! (But it's nice to dream, right?)

So, if you're looking to kill an hour and tire out some little humans for free, a run around Llawhaden Castle would certainly do the trick!

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