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Manobier, Tenby (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

This will forever be remembered as the last place we went before lockdown. It was Mother's Day and as everybody else had already started socially distancing, we were in serious denial about what was about to happen!


Where is it?

Manobier beach can be found by following the road from Tenby and through Lydstep. It's also close to Skrinkle Haven, another gem of a beach.

Why Visit Manobier?

  • This is a small beach that doesn't attract masses of tourists, so if you're looking for somewhere a little quieter, this is a lovely beach to try.

  • There's a small car park close to the beach (you have to pay to park here). £2 for two hours. However, if you drive past the car park and up the hill, there's a smaller car park where you don't have to pay. Or they have the green button for 30 mins free parking if you’re only flying by!

  • In the free car park up the hill, there's three designated disabled spaces and this would be a lovely place to pull up with a picnic or some chips as the views are lovely.

  • There are toilets in the main car park and somewhere to wash down your wet suits and beach toys before going back to the car.

  • On your way to the beach you will pass through the village. They have a very small shop there, a nice looking pub and a cafe if you didn't get round to packing your picnic! You’ll find an ice cream van in the car park in the summer.

  • You can see a castle from the beach and I believe it's one you can pay to visit. They filmed part of the Narnia films here apparently. We haven't been there yet but it's definitely on the to-do list! Here's the link for the castle.

  • We like this beach because it has a river there too. Cooper will spend hours throwing stones so Manobier give you the best of both worlds.

  • As well as the river and the sand there are also a lot of rock pools to explore and climb when the tide is out.


Any negatives?

This is more of a pebbled beach than a sandy one. It's the type of place we'd visit on a cooler day to explore rather than a boiling day to sun bathe. You have to walk a few minute from the car park to the beach but the path, although not paved, is one that you could push a pram or wheelchair over. When the tide is out there's a big beach to walk. We took Cooper's bike with us once but the sea had made big grooves in the sand so it was too bumpy for him and would have been quite a ride for someone in a pram or wheelchair! Cooper enjoyed the waves here but due to the large rocks on the floor it wasn't the most relaxing thing to watch thinking he was going to fall and hurt himself!!


So, if you're looking for somewhere quiet, with lovely views and rock pools to explore, make a stop at Manobier next time you're staying close to Tenby.

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