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Marloes Sands, Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This is one to visit if you're looking for gorgeous views and up for a little bit of a walk. Marloes is about 20 minutes from Haverfordwest and is well worth visit!

Why Visit Marloes Sands?

  • The views from the paths leading down to this beach are amazing - especially on a sunny day like the one we went on!

  • The coastal path leads both ways from this beach, one a little easier looking than the other! Neither of which however are suitable for a pram or a wheelchair.

  • There's PLENTY of parking at Marloes Sands although quite pricey as it's run by the National Trust and they usually are more expensive than your average car park. However, we parked in the field before the car park and it was £3 all day and the walk to the beach was a little shorter too. They had an ice cream van parked at the top of the field too.

  • This is a pebbled beach with large rocks and rock pools (we like this kind of beach as none of us are big sand lovers!!) However, if you check when low tide is, the tide goes right out and you can walk to the other side of the cove where there's a lot more sand as opposed to pebbles.

  • The path down to the beach is quite flat and even and you could get a pram or down to the beach but you would have to leave anything with wheels at the bottom of the path.

Things to consider...

There aren't any toilets anywhere close to the beach, not even in the car park, which makes this beach a no-go for a full day for us!! There's also no shop (other than the ice cream van, which I would only imagine's there on sunny days) close to the beach so you'd have to take your own picnic. There's a lovely walk down to the beach but there's quite a pull on the way back up and we picked a crazy warm day to try it out!! If you want to get down to the sandy beach without waiting for the tide to go out then you'll have to brave a LOT of steps! Picture of said steps below!

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