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Milford Marina, Milford Haven (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

This is a great place to visit in all weather. There's loads of boats to look at, a nice walk around the Marina and plenty of cafes and restaurants to have a drink or snack.

Why Visit Milford Marina?

  • I love taking Cooper to a marina and he loves to see the boats. It's one of the 'safer' ones to go to as there are bars the whole way around (although the ones on the car park side don't feel as safe!!)

  • One of my most favourite places ever to eat is in Milford Marina - The Harbour Master. I would highly recommend the carbonara! The chips in The Lounge come highly recommended too!

  • The parking is free in the Marina and there's a large car park on the left if you follow the road all the way around.

  • There's a bowling alley with a soft play area in the Marina as well if you're looking for something to do with children on a rainy day.

  • If you're looking for a bit of a longer walk then you can head out of the Marina and up towards the bandstand. It's a bit of a pull up the hill out of the Marina but the rest of the walk is flat.

  • You could take a pram and a wheelchair around the Marina as it's all paved and even.

Other than that, there's not much to do here and the town of Milford is quite run down in my opinion with lots of closed shops on the high street. Lots of the cafes along the Marina are under a canopy for shade from the sun on a boiling day and from the rain on a wet day.

UPDATE - SUMMER 2021 - The Museum

We visited the museum in Milford one afternoon. We went there as the website advertised a Mini Golf area as part of the museum, but when we got there we found out that was no longer there. So we went in regardless! Adult tickets are £4 and Children are £3. It’s a small museum and I can’t say we’ll rush back, but it killed a little half hour (Coops isn’t the best companion to go to a museum with as he speeds through most areas - although there were a few little interactive bits for children than captured his attention a little longer!) Something for a wet day maybe or if you have a little human really interested in ships and docks!

Another reason we went this day was because someone suggested we go to Scott’s Sweet Shop. Coops has inherited my sweet tooth (unfortunately) so was in his element here! It’s pricey because it’s all the American sweets, but pretty nifty if you like a bit of sugar!!

Carwyn also took me to the closest ‘beach’ to Milford Marina - Gelliswick. It’s definitely not a beach I’d go for the day, lots of stone and peculiar looking sand to be honest, lol, but you can drive up and park and look at the docks, factories and ships and throw some stones!


We read about the pool reopening following being closed for 2 years due to covid and knew Coops would enjoy here! So, here’s what we thought and what we learned!! * Above photo was taken at the end of session, it was a lot busier but I was trying to avoid getting other little people in swimming gear in the background! *

It’s council run by the leisure centre lifeguards and the entry is free. They only allow 32 people in at a time and so every hour a new cohort of people are allowed in. We got there at 11.03am and it was full! They advised us to arrive at 11.45 to start queuing but we just stayed there and glad we did as I’m not sure we’d have gotten in if we’d have arrived back at 11.45!! So I would suggest getting there 30 mins before the hour to be safe. There’s plenty of parking all along the main road! If you head down for the Marina and turn left you’ll come to the pool. You won’t see it from your car but there’s an old Chinese restaurant sign and it’s right by that!

The pool is shallow and was up to Cooper’s knees. There’s a ledge all the way around for parents to sit on but very little shade!! There are toilets right by the pool although I was warned by the lifeguard that they weren’t manned or part of their service - when I got there I understood why she said that! Was definitely a hovering kind of toilet!!

It says on the Facebook page that if the next session doesn’t look to busy you can stay for the next hour, but people told us they were asked to leave regardless of there being no queue the session after theirs, so I would go with an hour only in mind. We went in eventually at 12-1pm and they shut for dinner between 1-2pm so I would aim to go for 1.30pm if you’re going for the afternoon slot!

The pool and the area was lovely and clean and although it was slightly frustrating that we couldn’t go in at 11.03am, it was nice when we eventually went it that it wasn’t absolutely rammed in there! Would definitely go back!

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