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Minwear Woods, Narberth (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

If you're looking for a quiet place to walk your dog or to let your mini human explore, Minwear Woods is perfect. You can make the walk longer by crossing over to Canaston Woods too.

Why Visit Minwear Woods?

  • I'm partial to a woodland walk as I like to leave Nessa off the lead. She's not a great listener to leaving her off on the beach when others are there can be very stressful! This was a perfect walk for her though as there wasn't anywhere for her to really escape to and it was really quiet - we were the only people parked in the car park, which is a good job really as the car park is quite small. (parking is free)

  • I would imagine this would get very muddy after a great deal of rain as although the path is relatively flat it isn't paved. You would be able to push a robust pushchair along the path (although it would be quite bumpy) and an electric wheelchair would manage too (but there is one VERY small steep part

  • There's lots of little things to explore along this walk for curious little minds. Dens made out of wood, tree stumps in interesting formations and trees with funny little features.

  • You can make this walk as long or as short as you like but there is a loop walk that you can follow that's shown on the board in the car park with a picnic spot half way along.

Take a scroll through some of the pictures we took at Minwear Woods. A great place to go for a walk that's close to Templeton.

Cooper's super cute bonnet is from Hooked By a Fin

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