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Newport (Parrog), Pembrokeshire

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

I’ve always loved Newport. I’m not sure why. I guess there’s not much there but I just really love going there. Few small shops. Nice places to eat. Biiiiig beach. Lovely coastal walks. What more do you need?

Coops is wearing dungs from Dyl & Fyn and hat from Made By Grammy


What to do in Newport?

The main attraction for me to Newport is the beach. Now, it’s not the beach I would go to for the day to sunbathe if I’m honest, mainly as you have to be reeeeally lucky on a summer‘s day to manage to park right on the front, but it’s the beach we go to climb rocks, throw stones and go for a nice walk!

Where should I park?

If you don’t know Newport, it probably would be quite easy to get lots. It’s a narrow road into the town and the main car park is pretty hidden. I would advise putting Newport Surgery into your Sat nav and that will take you to the main car park. Parking is free in the between October and March and then £1 for 2 hours or £5 for 24 hours peak time. There’s also a toilet in this car park! Handy! There are two ways to get to the beach from this car park, both ways will take you about 15 mins (maybe more with little legs!) It is a little bit of a pull back to the car park though so just bare that in mind!

We tend to leave the car park and follow the road down to the bottom. When you get to the end of the road (it’s a dead end and you can park there for free if you’re lucky - and you‘re closer to the front!) *pictured above* you can turn right for a nice woodland walk or head left for the beach. You WILL need wellies for this part of the walk if it’s been wet. It gets super boggy!!

We tend to walk back to the car a different way. Rather than turning left to go back through the forest type bit, we keep walking up through the housing estate. You’ll come to a lane on your left after about a 10 mins walk that has a bollard in the middle of it. You’ll THINK you’ve walked into a cul de sac but if you keep left you’ll see a little path through the houses that brings you straight back to the car park. It’s not much of a steep climb back this way!!

The Beach

On the sea front in the summer you’ll find a LOT of paddle board and canoes - it’s that kind of beach! Cooper just loves to climb the huge rocks here! There’s a really lovely walk (which you could take a pram on so far, far enough to a bench with a nice viewpoint anyway) but if you are without a pram and fancying a longer walk, you can follow the path past the houses on your left for quite a while and take in some lovely views.

The sand is quite a dirty sand, oily even perhaps! We’ve had to soak many a garment after being to Newport Beach! This is why I guess I don’t think of this beach as a sunbathing one! Plus - bonus for some, off-putting for others maybe, dogs are allowed on this beach all year round!


There is a boat club right on the beach. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll get a nice fruit cider there in the summer or a hot chocolate in the winter - it’s members only and they are VERY strict about that. Such a shame!! There IS however a lovely cafe opposite that which serves nice food in the summer months but seems to be closed out of peak season every time I go there. There are public toilets in the very small car park on the beach front. If you’re wanting to try your luck though to get a space, follow the signs for Parrog. We’re often lucky in the winter!

Newport Town

In Newport Town there’s lots of lovely little cafes and small shops - but you certainly couldn’t make a day of it in the town!! We love to eat at The Golden Lion but I’ve heard good things about ALL the pubs in Newport to be fair. Some of them are quite pricey though so take a pip at those menus before you go in!! Haha!

So, if you’re looking for a great stone throwing, rock climbing bit of an adventure beach with lovely views, I would definitely recommend a trip to Newport if you’re in the area!

Beaut bonnet from the one and only Hooked by a Finn

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