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Nolton Haven, Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

What a lovely place! Nice sandy lifeguarded beach, free parking, toilets and a pub that serves really nice food. This is type of beach you'd park up on for a sunny day.

Why Visit Nolton Haven?

  • This little cove has everything for a perfect family day at the beach. There's plenty of flat, pebble-free sand to sunbathe comfortably and for children to play and build their sandcastles.

  • The sea stays shallow for a long time, even when the tide is out, so feels a lot safer for kids to swim in or body board - there are also lifeguards on the beach for added peace of mind.

  • The car park is right opposite the beach so you don't have far to walk if you have a lot of things to cart back and forth and it's free.

  • There's a ramp down to the beach so you could take a wheelchair quite close to the sand but the sand at the top is very soft so it would be difficult to manoeuvre around the beach.

  • The only place your child can nag you for money for is the ice cream van that was parked at the top of the beach ramp, which is always a bonus. But does mean you can't nip to the shop if you've forgotten the bucket and spade!! The closest place for a shop is Broadhaven which is about a 10 minute drive on some seriously narrow roads!

  • We had some really nice food in the Haven Brasserie (part of the Mariners Inn) and there's lots of space to eat outside on a sunny day as well. I will definitely go back here when Covid is over and you can dine inside as it looked really nice and we enjoyed our take away food a lot.

  • There were very clean public toilets in the car park that were free to use.


Just something to consider, if you're not confident driving on very narrow roads, you might not enjoy GETTING to Nolton Haven as it did require a lot of pull ins and reverses to get there, especially if you're travelling there through Druidstone (the views along this road are amazing though, so it was rammed with cars parked all along the road taking in the view!)

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