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Canal Fairy Trail, Resolven (Neath & Port Talbot)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A lovely little fairy trail with about 60 fairy doors spaced out over about half a mile.

Why Visit Resolven Canal?

  • This is a lovely paved walk with the canal on your left and the river on your right. You can walk all the way from Resolven to Glynneath along this path.

  • The area is well kept and clean and this makes for a very picturesque walk.

  • There is a lovely cafe at the beginning of the walk that serves hot and cold drink and lovely food too.

  • Parking is free just off the Resolven roundabout and there are public toilets here too.

  • Bits of the path are more gravelled than paved so good pushchair rather than a stroller would be handy! Maybe some welly boots on a wet day. Coops had white converse trainers on (epic fail) but it had been dry so the results weren't catastrophic! I wouldn't advise that small children took their bikes here as I'd be on pins that they would fall in, but it's a lovely cycle route for older children or adults (I used to ride along this canal a LOT when I was younger.)

  • I was surprised how much was going on along the canal! There's a water sports centre towards the beginning of the walk where you could have kayak and paddle board lessons! There were lots of people doing it and seemed to be having a lot of fun - I wouldn't mind giving paddle boarding a go actually! There's a small cafe and picnic benches here as well.

  • Although the majority of the walk is a relatively narrow path, like the photo seen above, there are also one or two spots along the way that are much wider and covered with grass - these would be ideal locations to stop for a picnic without being too close to the water and having to worry that your child is going to fall in!!


So, if you're looking for a nice, woodland type walk with plenty of places to set up for a picnic, a river to throw stones and some fairy doors to entice little legs to walk for a long period of time, you would definitely love Resolven Canal.

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