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The Dinosaur Park, Tenby (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

If you have a dinosaur loving little one then you definitely need to head to the Dinosaur Park in Tenby! I would advise waiting until your child is walking CONFIDENTLY before getting the most out of this attraction.

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Why Visit the Dinosaur Park?

  • The Dinosaur Park is a great day out for the family and the fact that we buy season passes shows how much we enjoy going here. I remember going here when I was young but it's a MUCH better attraction now with much more for the little ones to do.

  • What's great about the park is that although it's on quite a small scale, the area is packed with attractions for the children. It's great therefore for little legs who don't like to walk for long!

  • Having said what I've said above, my favourite part of the park is the Dinosaur Walk! There is a shorted version that avoids a steep hill (it's not a long steep hill but it's quite a pull up.) You miss out a few of the dinosaurs going this way though, including the Triceratops and her baby so we always go the long way.

  • You can definitely take a pushchair the whole way around the long and short route. When I went with my friend who's in an electric wheelchair, we went as far as the Triceratops then turned back to take the short route as it wouldn't be fun doing that short steep part in the chair.

  • The dinosaurs are plentiful along this walk and are really well made and realistic (well, at least how I would expect dinosaurs to look!!) There are interesting facts about the dinosaurs all along the walk as well. Up until now (Coops is 3.5) he would walk half way and would have to be carried the rest, but the difference in him this year, following lock down, was amazing. As he has a genuine interest in dinosaurs and has learned a lot about them over the past few months, he walked the whole way and was getting so excited telling us all of their names and facts he knew about them; I loved watching him exploring this time.

  • Most of the dinosaurs aren't behind fences and some of them have speakers to make noises so the walk is quite interactive and they can get up close to them to have a picture, if they're brave enough!

  • 2021 UPDATE - the dinosaurs have had a makeover and fresh lick of paint and are looking even better now!

  • What's great about the park is, along with a reasonable entrance fee, once inside, you won't spend much at all. MOST of the attractions are free and the odd ride for the little ones, such as the electric cars, tractors and mini bugs are 10p a go! (although these are currently free due to COVID restrictions - even more of a reason to go right now!)

  • As well as the little rides mentioned above, there are also go karts, bumper boats, spinning cars and tube slides. They can also zorb, climb the tight ropes, visit the VR machine and take part in lots of other outdoor activities.

  • One of the highlights of the day for Coops is the jeep safari. Unfortunately, due to COVID (grrr) this wasn't running the last time we went and we had to walk around instead. But, when this is up an running, it's such good fun as the tour guide always creates a lot of Drama for the kids to make it exciting. You can still do a guided safari walk along this area which we also really enjoyed - it was a bonus that a past pupil of mine was doing the tour and made it really enjoyable and fun for the children.

  • One of Cooper's favourite things to do is explore the tunnels! Big plastic tubes with entrances and exits everywhere - great fun for the kids, although definitely gives Carwyn the heebie jeebies thinking he's lost Cooper all of the time!

  • There is also a great maze that you can do as a family and dinosaurs to look for as you're trying to find your way out.

  • Coops LOVES the playground here as it's perfect for smaller children and he can use everything there. It's really well laid out and looked after too.

  • There is a fossil digging area in the sand pit and some mini lady bugs and bumble bees for much smaller children to enjoy.

  • A new attraction is the Golf Football. This is something that was changed over lock down and we really enjoyed for the first time recently. There were also other new attractions added in fair ground style booths that were a lot of fun.

  • There's a soft play area under roof as well for rainy days (although, in my opinion, you would have to get a dry day to really enjoy the Dinosaur Park.)

We've never bought food at The Dinosaur Park as we've always taken a picnic. There is a cafe that sells food and drink but there's plenty of picnic benches about if you prefer to keep the cost down and take your own. Maybe because I've been here so much that I don't think The Dinosaur Park is a FULL day thing. We usually head there for 11am and leave around 3pm, but I imagine if it was your first time you definitely could spend the whole day here. So, if you haven't been yet, I would 100% recommend visiting!

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