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Tycanol Woods, Brynberian (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

If you're looking for a great circular woodland walk in North Pembrokeshire then look no further than Tycanol Woods. Another one of those that I can't believe I haven't visited all this time I've lived in Pembrokeshire!

You cannot park right outside the entrance to the woodland walk as it's on private property, but you can park a little further up and there's access on foot permitted on the private land. If you put these co-ordinates into Google Maps it will take you to the exact layby you need to park: 51.996852, -4.768923. If you head for Brynberian Burial Chamber (Pentre Ifan) you'll pass the entrance on the way!

What do I need to know?

You won't be able to take a pram/bike/wheelchair on this walk and although it isn't steep for the most part, the ground is often quite uneven (big tree roots and rocky footpaths.) There were a few very short steep parts but I managed it all quite easily carrying a 19lb Ralffi in a carrier. There was also a short part that was quite boggy and so I would definitely recommend wellies or walking boots for this walk. There are no toilets or amenities near this walk and we didn't see any benches or obvious picnic spots either. The walk took us 1 hour and 30 minutes without any major stops and is about 3 miles in total - but you start at the layby and finish up there too!

Tips for the walk!

After you've parked the car, walk back down the hill for about 200m until you come to the entrance for Tycanol; you're looking for this white sign that Cooper is modelling so beautifully besides!!

Walk along this path until you come to a farmhouse on your left (don't be tempted to follow a footpath sign by a gate on the right before then!) When you get to the farmhouse you'll see a gate, go through this gate and head left. There's a big sign on the left showing you the route so you can't miss it! The first part of the walk is probably the steepest part, I thought we'd gone wrong to be honest but when you get to the bottom of that uneven steep part you'll see your first arrow showing you the way.

You'll eventually come to another information board showing where you are on the walk; keep right here and don't climb over the stile straight ahead. In a little while you'll come to a junction - your instincts might want to take you right as you'll feel that feels more circular, but keep left. You'll come to a gate not long after that junction and that's when you come to the boggy bit! Straight after the boggy bit you'll want to turn right and then it's pretty clearly sign posted from there until you reach the road again! Turn left at the road and you'll recognise where you are then ! (You'll go up a little steep and uneven part between the boggy bit and the road but was still doable even carrying the baby).

Hopefully that helps you a little if you fancy this woodland walk - it really is lovely and all the moss covered stone gives the woodland a really magical feel.

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