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Willhome Farm Barn, Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

A new, family run little farm opened this summer, so naturally we had to go and try it out!

What do I need to know?

Firstly, don’t head here expecting Folly Farm! It’s a very small, low key but lovely attraction for an hour or two out of the house. You’d spend no more than you would visiting a soft play area but you’ll be outdoors in a beautiful setting.

It’s £5 for adults and £3 for children (babies under 2 are free). You can park right outside the entrance and there’s a small shop selling some farm toys as you enter and exit. They have some toilets with a baby change station as you enter too. Just a side note as this WOULD sway my mother, the roads leading to the farm are very windy and narrow, so something to consider if you’re not a very confident driver. I was totally fine but my mother will only be returning when she’s not behind the wheel! Haha!

From the entrance you’ll be able to see the whole Farm Park. It is very small but really well kept and run by very friendly and welcoming people. As it’s such a small area, I wouldn’t bother dragging the pushchair out of the car or pushing it around as it’s compact enough for little legs to explore without getting tired! You would get a wheelchair with good wheels around the terrain and as we went on a dry day we were totally fine in sandals right around the park.

As is the case when we go anywhere with animals and Coops, they’re not the main attraction for him and he headed straight for the tractors and park! He played for a good two hours with his friend in this area and came out every so often to meet the animals that the owners were bringing out of their pens in rotation for you to meet.

All of the animals were close enough for you to stroke and meet and you didn’t have to buy any food as they had buckets outside the pens for you to help yourself, which I thought was a lovely touch.

They had a cafe with some lovely cakes and food to buy at very reasonable prices. I had to try the scone, jam and cream of course! The lady that owns the farm said that you can take a picnic and eat inside the cafe on a wet day and aren’t expected to purchase anything to sit inside. We had a lovely weather day though so ate our picnic on the benches by the park.

The majority of the animals that you can interact with are in a small wooden barn so you would have shelter from the rain in this part. There are a few chickens and birds dotted around the farm park too.

So, is it worth a visit?

For sure. Especially with smaller humans - I can imagine this would be perfect for a first farm visit for toddlers as it’s small, clean and a safe area to explore. You’d not be worrying about losing your child here as you would in bigger attractions!! The entry price is very reasonable and the owners are very friendly and helpful so I would definitely urge you to support this small, local business (which I’m sure will continue to expand over time!)

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1 Comment

Jaynemarie Perry
Jaynemarie Perry
May 08, 2023

We went here fr the first time yesterday, with a 9yr old, she really enjoyed it… especially holding the rabbits & Guinea pigs… we had a coffee while she played in the childrens area…it’s a lovely place to spend a few hours & knowing kids can just run around & can’t get out or lost is a bonus… we will be back..😊

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