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Wiseman's Bridge, Saundersfoot (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This is one of the places we go most when we're in the caravan. A big long stretch of a beach with the best of both worlds, rocks and sand. You'll often find my parents having a drink in the Wiseman's Pub too!!

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Why Visit Wiseman's Bridge?

  • I've been going to Wiseman's Bridge for as long as I can remember; I think mainly because there's a pub on the beach front where my parents could watch me play on the beach with a glass of win in their hands!! But there are many other reasons to visit Wiseman's! It's pretty good food here as well and plenty of place to sit.

  • You can park right on the beach front in Wiseman's bridge and the parking is free. So if you have a lot of things to cart back and forth then this is a good beach to visit.

  • The top of the beach is pebbled with large rocks that Cooper loves to climb but when the tide is out there's lots of flat and pebble-free sand to run about on.

  • Wiseman's is a great place to park if you're visiting Saundersfoot as well as it's a lovely walk along the front to get to Saundersfoot and it means that you avoid paying the rather expensive parking charges in Saundersfoot itself. The views on the walk are lovely and Cooper usually takes his balance bike as it's paved and flat, making this walk a lovely one for anyone in a pram or a wheelchair.

  • There are public toilets in Wiseman's and there's always an ice cream van parked at the beginning of the walk into Saundersfoot. There's a little shop hiding behind the Wiseman's pub too for your basic beach necessities.

  • If the tide is out, you can also walk over to Amroth on the beach if you head left rather than right.

  • The roads down to Wiseman's are quite steep and narrow so you might not enjoy the experience if you're a nervous driver (there's a lot narrower roads about but I thought it was worth a mention).

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