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Amroth, Saundersfoot (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I visited here so often has a child, I have vivid memories of choosing an ice-cream in the shop and falling over the stones on the pebbled beach. Being an avid stone-thrower and rock climber, it's quickly becoming one of Cooper's favourite places to visit too.


Where is Amroth?

You'll find Amroth by follwoing the road from Saudnersfoot and past Wiseman's Bridge. You can also reach Amroth off the main road before you get to the Kilgetty roundabout.

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So, why go to Amroth?

  • It's a small seaside village that has the quirkiness of a bigger town such as Tenby without the masses of people.

  • Along the short promenade there's some nice pubs for food and drink, a cafe, your stereotypical beach shop to get ice cream, beach toys and souvenirs.

  • If you have a pram or a toddler on a bike, the promenade is paved and flat (although not very long).

  • There's quite a big car park behind the seafront shops. It used to be free but they started charging in 2021 and it's around £1 an hour or £5 for the day. If you want a quick visit though you can get a free 30 minute ticket by pressing the green button on the machine.

  • There are toilets on the beach front (this is an essential for our family on a day out!!)

  • We took our friend here that's in a wheelchair as when the tide is in it's possible to reach the sea on a ramp without having to go on the sand.

  • The first pub on the promenade is dog friendly, both in the beer garden and inside the building. There is a small side of the beach that allows dogs all year round.


Why would you NOT like Amroth?

I can't think of many reasons to be honest. The main downside is that there isn't any sand when the tide's in, so if you're banking on building sand castles, maybe this isn't the beach for you. There is PLENTY of nice sand though when the tide is out! Amroth is not for shop lovers either as your choices are slim!

We've eaten at The Smugglers (this is where the dogs are welcome) and it's your typical pub grub. The Amroth Arms serves nicer (and more expensive) food - this is the best place to sit outside for a drink. If you go along a little further (we would take the car but you can walk) you come to The New Inn, Amroth. This is a lovely pub to sit outside and they do great chips as well!!

Great place to plonk your child for a photo as well!


Where to eat?

We have eaten at The Smugglers, which, before COVID had a play area for children too, I'm not sure whether that's back up an running just yet, but still a great place for food - you should expect good pub grub here. Up the road and around the corner is The New Inn and we've eaten here a lot. It can get quite busy and it's not cheap, but it's a nice location and they have great homemade food here too!


So, if you're looking for a clean, picturesque seaside village where you can throw stones, climb rocks, have a drink on the beach front then Amroth is definitely worth a visit.

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