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Witches Cauldron, (Newport), Pembrokeshire

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

This actually wasn't on my list, but was on my friend's bucket list after she tried (and failed) to get there by kayak last summer! But, we found it this time from higher ground so I'm sure she'll be getting there by sea next time!!

This is a lovely coastal walk and took us about 20 minutes one way to get to the cauldron walking at quite a pace (I didn't have Coops with me, just Ralffi in the carrier!)

I'm not sure if I'm honest if I would take Coops just yet. It's not steep and it's not too far, but there are a few bits along the walk where the drop off the side would make me a nervous wreck to be honest! You'd never get a pram or a wheelchair along here but I managed fine with Ralffi in the carrier.

The views along the coastal walk are really lovely! It was quite a grey day when we went to so I would imagine they are even more amazing on a nice sunny day and the photos I've seen on Google of the Witches Cauldron look far more impressive than the ones I took - but I think the weather had a lot to do with that!!

There's no toilets anywhere near Ceibwr, which is where you park to start the walk and no cafe or anything so make sure you take your own water! (You're not far from Newport though to visit after a walk. We went to Newport Golf Club, Cat Rock cafe - it's one of my faves, for food!)

There's no actual car park either but there is a big lay-by. If you put these coordinates into Google Maps it will take you straight there. 52.0769425, -4.7612905. Right out of the car will take you to the coastal walk, just walk up the hill a little until you see an opening on the right hand side then follow your nose for about 20 mins to get to the Witches Cauldron. You can carry on to Newport from here but it was 8 miles in total and got super steep after the cauldron dip so we turned back!

If you go left out of the car you'll come to Ceibwr Bay. It's not a sandy beach but it will be a great one for stone throwing and it has a running stream as well, Coops always loves a river! There were a few coastal walks stemming from there too but looked a lot steeper so didn't fancy that carrying a 20lb baby around!!

Anyway, one to take my mother to I think, rather than the kids, but a lovely coastal walk with a bit of an end goal with the Cauldron.

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