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Angle Beach (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A lovely golden sand beach with a great beach side cafe. It's quite a trek to reach but it's worth the journey!

Why Visit Angle?

  • I've only recently discovered Angle, I guess as it's quite a drive from our caravan in Templeton as it's the end point on the Pembroke road, but I do really like it. It's a lovely stretch of golden and flat sand with lots of rock pools that Cooper loves to search for winkles and crabs in.

  • The parking is free in Angle, which is always a bonus and they have toilets on the front as well.

  • They have a really lovely beach cafe there which serves great cake and food. They have seating inside and out so great for all weathers.

  • You'll pass Freshwater West on the way to this beach if you want to make a long journey worth it as that's also a great beach to visit.


This is usually a great beach to go to avoid the masses of tourists but we even struggled to park here a few weeks ago with everyone staying local to holiday thanks to Covid!!

Take a scroll through some of the photos we've taken at Angle to see more of what this beach has to offer.

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