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Clerkenhill, Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

A lovely, small farm park with plenty of play areas for little humans. Although set on a farm, there is little animals to be seen and the main attractions are the play parks and outdoor areas.


Carwyn took Coops to Clerkenhill when he was about 2 years old I think and I’m pretty sure he gave me the impression that he wasn’t very impressed and that’s why I’ve never been! However, Coops hasn’t stopped asking to go there since he went there on a school trip so I gave in today and made my first visit. Another example of why I should never listen to Carwyn as I thought it was great!

What do I need to know?

The park opens at 10 am and it cost £9.25 for adults and £8.50 for children. It’s been dry for a few days here now so wellies were not needed but I would imagine boots would be a good idea on a wet day! Parking is free and there’s a small cafe selling food and drink and a little gift shop on the way in and out. You’re allowed to take dogs here too as long as they’re kept on a lead - another bonus for us that I wish I had checked before going! Poor Ness!

What’s there to do?

As you enter there’s a small soft play area, suitable for little ones but Coops also loved it at 5 years of age. This is one of two areas that’s under roof if you happened to get caught in a rain shower!

Next you come to a smaller indoor play area for toddlers with some climbing frames and two tractor tracks for bigger kids (which happened to be a reminder of how peddling really isn’t Cooper’s strong suit bless him!!)

There‘s plenty to explore outside! A big wooden play castle, lots of tube slides dotted about, little walks with figures and facts along them, a sand area and some farm animals here and there. There’s an hour long adventure walk there as well but I didn’t do this today as I didn’t fancy being caught out with little legs that didn‘t want to walk without Carwyn being there to carry him!!

Cooper’s fave part was the giant bouncy castle and inflatable slide, which, when you consider you pay £5 for 10 mins in Heatherton, the £8.50 entry fee to use this alone is worth it! This area is under roof as well and has plenty of benches for parents to sit and watch. It seems you can have parties here too, which I definitely would consider if Coops wasn’t a January baby!!

So - round up. Would I go again? Yes! Would I recommend it? Yes! Is it as good as Folly Farm? Of course not - but if you’re looking for a great morning/afternoon out with plenty to explore without breaking the bank, Clerkenhill is definitely worth a visit!

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