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Hilton Court, Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire) - NOW CLOSED TO PUBLIC 😢

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

After my mother having read about this place on a 'Love Pembrokeshire' website, we decided it was worth a shot, and once again, cannot believe we've never been here before! As well as being ideal for little humans, I also think that dog walkers and even ladies who lunch would love Hilton Court - read below to find out why!

Where is it?

Hilton Court is situated in Roch which is about a 10 minute drive from Haverfordwest - your Sat Nav will take you straight there if you enter Hilton Court Gardens and Crafts.

What's there?

Despite Carwyn being convinced that Hilton Court is actually a nudist park, it's actually a caravan park that's invested some money and a lot of time into creating a small Garden of Eden close to the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. Entry price for the garden is £4.50 per adult and £1.50 per child but you can visit the courtyard, cafe, gift shop and pottery studio without having to pay this fee. You could certainly take a pram to the courtyard and main gardens (including the little houses) but you wouldn't be able to explore the woodland walks with wheels. There are toilets in the courtyard and the other side of the cafe in the garden area.



The main attraction here for Cooper was the little houses that were dotted around the gardens. Squirrel's Lodge and Badger Hall are just some of the wooden houses that you can see at Hilton Court and Coops spent ages just exploring them and pretending to be the inn keeper! To the right are some pictures of the houses that you can expect to see there! Most of the houses had some rope and tree swings to enjoy too!


In the centre of the gardens is a large Lily Pond that's full of fish to feed! They sell fish food at the cafe or you could just take a crust of bread with you. There's hundreds of fish in the pond that all jump to the surface for their treats so Cooper loved that!


There's also plenty of small woodland walks branching off the main garden that take you over a series of wooden bridges and small streams. Coops made a fishing rod for himself out of wood and leaves and enjoyed pretending to catch some fish!!



In the courtyard as you arrive there a few small garden games like boules, giant jenga and ring toss. You don't have to pay to play with these as they aren't in the gardens themselves.


We didn't go in here when we visited but from what I gathered there was a small studio where you could both buy pottery and make your own - a good idea for a rainy day maybe?


There is a small gift shop where you can buy your usual gift shop trinkets as well as some garden centre type decorations.


There was a lovely cafe with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the gardens. They had a great selection of cakes and hot drinks but the food menu itself was very limited. Carwyn had a very basic ham sandwich (which, if you know Carwyn, was a big shame!) so don't head there thinking you'll be able to get a lovely lunch. I had a lemon drizzle cake though and it was beautiful!

This is the type of place that's beautiful on a sunny day as you really could spend the best part of the day in the gardens with a picnic. I would return here on a cloudy and wintery day though too as there's plenty of places to shelter around the park. Have a scroll through some more of the photos we took here below.

Cooper's outfit is from Talibri Kidswear - COOPER10 for discount


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