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Scolton Manor, Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire)

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Newly revamped, so now better than before! If you have a mini human that loves to splash in puddles, play in parks and adventure through the woodlands, then Scolton Manor is worth a visit for sure!


Why Visit Scolton Manor?


The park was never the main attraction for us at Scolton Manor and we visited more for a walk in the woods and a splash in the puddles. HOWEVER, they have recently invested a LOT of money in the playgrounds and have added THREE new play areas!

As you arrive you have the more traditional playground with your swings, slides, climbing frames and roundabouts. This area is mainly grass so it can get super wet and muddy, so unless there's been a string of dry days, Scolton Manor is a wellies kind of park for sure.

Across the other side of the field you will be able to see the new Pirate Ship. You can either cross the grass to get here or follow the path through the woodlands and see some of the mythical checkpoints along the way. Cooper loved this park although I would say it was geared to more confident climbers! Again, this area was super wet and muddy underneath as it was on grass and the ship was blocking the sun! Don't make the same mistake as us and go in wellies!!

To the left of the entrance you'll see the new train playground. Again, a lovely new wooden climbing frame really adjacent to a large display train (not sure if that's there just for show or whether it will be used for something in the future, but you weren't able to go on it when we visited.)

The best park is well hidden and it's almost behind the pirate ship in the middle of the woods. I was really impressed by this one and Coops would have spent all day there had I let him. This one, although muddy getting there, was all on placed on bark so wasn't muddy or slippery underneath. Again, I think most of this park was aimed at older children, some bits were too big for Coops even, but it's also big enough for parents to be able to go on with smaller children.


There's a circular walk around Scolton Manor through the woods so great for taking the dog for a walk or finding puddles to splash in! You'd be able to take a pram or wheelchair around the park providing they had tidy wheels, I wouldn't like to drag a small wheeled buggy around I must admit! We love Scolton Manor in the Autumn when all the crunchy leaves are on the floor!


Hidden in the forest but close to the entrance so you don't need to walk far to find it, is the Musical Play area. In there they have different musical 'instruments' that the children can make music with. Coops loves this part and always insists we visit it when we go there.


There's now a designated bike path running alongside the footpath around the park with some ramps (sort of like a mini skate park) in the middle of the woods too.) This area is definitely for confident riders but there's plenty of open space for little ones to practise their riding other than the designated bike path. We still haven't mastered the bike riding with Coops just yet. He was great on his balance bike but just not getting the hang of the proper bike! Lots have suggested learning on a large bit of open, flat grass so think this might be the perfect place to take the bike soon!


There didn't used to be much choice in the way of food and drink in Scolton Manor previous to the revamp but they have opened a little farm shop by the train park. They had some lovely locally made gifts in there as well as teas, coffees and snacks. You wouldn't get a full on lunch here though at the moment so it would definitely be a picnic location.

  • Entrance to Scolton Manor Park is free after you've paid the parking fee which is £3.50 for two hours or £4 for up to 4 hours. I would definitely pay the extra 50p as you'll do well to get around the whole park and have time in the playgrounds in 2 hours.

  • There are toilets at the entrance by the gift shop.

  • Dogs are allowed in most areas other than the park at the entrance (as this is fenced off) and the Manor House itself. I've only ever been in here when there was a Christmas Fayre on, I'm not sure Cooper would massively enjoy it at the moment, but I think it's £4 per person for entry into the house if you were going without a dog!

  • It's worth following Scolton Manor's Facebook Page as they often have arranged events over the school holidays. I know they have plans for Halloween this year; we went last year and did the Spooky Scavenger Hunt that they had arranged.

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